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Literacy for Life Foundation's mission is to facilitate and deliver literacy resources. The resource area of our website provides a variety of information for families, adults and agencies and is one way we are fulfilling the mission. All individuals and agencies are welcome to download and use any of the documents that are on this section of our web site. We ask that recognition to Literacy for Life Foundation or appropriate author is given when utilizing the documents available.

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Logic Models for all Programs

You may choose to download the following document in the original Excel format or as a PDF file. Click on the tabs at the bottom of the worksheet to find each logic model. Logic models included are Building Blocks, Parent/Child Preschool Oral Language Group, Parent/Child Preschool Early Readiness Group, Dog Tales and Books for Babies. The documents provided on this page may not be the most updated forms. They are provided for other agencies to use and adapt to fit their communities and programs.

Adult Logic Models – August 2012

Family Literacy Logic Models – August 2012

Building Blocks Family Literacy Program Forms

You may choose to download the following forms in their original format (Microsoft Word or Excel) or as a PDF file.

Building Blocks Intake Form (with Family Indicators)

BBL Goal Setting – Birth – 17 years

BBL Final Evaluation

General Process for Forms BBL

Daily Log and Essential Skills Form

Builders – 2 month Follow Up Tip Sheet

Coordinator 6 Month Follow Up

Participation In The Building Blocks Family Literacy Program

Emergent Literacy Checklist

PLAY at Home

School Letter

Family Literacy Evaluation Group Forms

You may choose to download the following forms in their original format (Microsoft Word or Excel) or as a PDF file. The Parent/Child Preschool Oral Language Groups include Rhythm and Rhyme, Toddler Time, Movers and Shakers and Senior Rhythm and Rhyme. The Parent/Child Preschool Early Readiness Groups include Book Buddies and Food Fun.

Dog Tales Final Evaluation - Parent

Dog Tales Final Evaluation - Youth

Parent/Child Preschool Oral Language Group Evaluation

Parent/Child Early Readiness Group Evaluation

Essential Skills Resource Guide

Integrating Essential Skills Into Literacy Programming