About Us / Board of Directors

Literacy for Life Foundation is governed by seven volunteer members elected by the general membership. These individuals  strongly believe in the value of learning and supporting community members in reaching their life and work goals.

  • Chair – Cathy Burrell
  • Vice-chair – Deb Janzen
  • Secretary – Marilyn Wilson
  • Treasurer – Anna Marie Plante
  • Director – Shane Tiessen
  • Director – Christine Pretty
  • Director – Lindsay Snodgrass

Literacy for Life Foundation has an Annual General Meeting in October of each year.

If you are interested in becoming a Board member, please contact us for more information.

Requirements of the position:

  • To have an interest in and commitment to lifelong learning and literacy
  • To attend the Annual General Meeting and a minimum of six Board meetings per year
  • To commit approximately four hours per month (preparation for meetings, meetings of Board and committee)
  • To commit to the mission, mandate and work of the organization
  • To connect and network with other community agencies and individuals to promote the mission, mandate and work of the organization
  • To follow conflict of interest and information management policies
  • To keep informed of the organization's activities