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Literacy for Life Foundation's mission is to facilitate and deliver literacy resources. The resource area of our website provides a variety of information for families, adults and agencies and is one way we are fulfilling the mission. All individuals and agencies are welcome to download and use any of the documents that are on this section of our web site. We ask that recognition to Literacy for Life Foundation or appropriate author is given when utilizing the documents available.

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To read and print the PDF documents listed below you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Check out these two sites for information on movement and physical activity and the impact on literacy and learning.

Rhymes, Songs & Lullabies

  • Bouncy Rhymes (PDF 29 KB)      MS Word version (39 KB)
  • Lullabies (PDF 13 KB)      MS Word version (34 KB)
  • Hello Everybody (PDF 133 KB)
  • Rhymes (PDF 37 KB)      MS Word version (72 KB)
  • Songs (PDF 40 KB)      MS Word version (84 KB)
  • Pool Rhyme Time

    Pool Rhyme Time is an innovative program that combines aquatic instruction with rhymes, songs and stories. This program is available for public use and may be photocopied and adapted for use in your community. The only restriction is that Literacy for Life Foundation is acknowledged as the developer of the program.

For Parents

Interesting and useful websites

Raising Healthy Happy Children

Early Years – Building a Better Brain

Check out the Alberta Family Wellness website for more videos that demonstrate the importance of the early years and how "better brains are built."

Building a Better Brain in Every Day Life

Grandparents: Building A Better Brain