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Our Vision

"Literacy and learning are integral parts of the community where everyone has the essential skills to live a fully engaged life."

Our Mission

Literacy for Life (LFL) is a registered charitable organization in the M.D. of Foothills that facilitates, designs, and delivers literacy and learning programs and services to improve the lives of community members and their families.

We value:

INTEGRITY – We employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action we take.

COMMUNITY – The acceptance of our organization by our community is vital for our success.

COLLABORATION – We promote and develop effective partnerships to maximize our resources and potential to achieve the best results for those we serve by working together, sharing ideas and recognizing the contribution of others, all the while leveraging our collective knowledge.

EXCELLENCE – Our staff and volunteers are committed in heart and mind, consistently demonstrating professional behaviours exemplifying objectivity, impartiality, creativity, and innovation in the pursuit of literacy and learning in every context.

CARING – We care about those we serve, our fellow staff and volunteers, and their families.

TRUST & PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards and are accountable for our actions and decisions.

COMMUNICATIONS – We communicate in a constructive, open and supportive manner, listening carefully to those with whom we serve and work.

Our actions, behaviours, and decisions are guided by the following principles:

AUTONOMY – A person's literacy impacts his or her social, emotional and physical health, and ability to make choices in life. Literacy and learning choices should lead to self-reliance and independence.

ACCESSIBLE – Literacy and learning programs and resources should be available locally to all families and individuals who need them.

LEARNER CENTERED – Our programs and resources should be learner centred and create opportunities for people to discover and reach their potential in everyday living. Our role is to provide opportunity as the learner knows their needs and desires best.

RESPECT – Our interactions with the people we serve and work with should include acknowledgement and the utmost respect for personal differences.

INCLUSIVE – Our programs and services should be available to everyone, regardless of his or her background, beliefs, and lifestyles.

PLAY – Play is a critical element in learning and should be integrated, whenever possible, with our programs and services and the message we share with individuals, families and the community.

AFFORDABLE – Basic literacy and learning programs should be affordable for all who need them.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – Individuals and families should, whenever possible, take personal responsibility to meet their literacy and social needs.

LITERACY DEFINED – Literacy is more than reading and writing. It should include all aspects of communication and human interaction including listening, reading, document use, numeracy, speaking and writing, computer use, playing and working with others, and critical thinking and reflection.